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Neoware s.r.o.
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Remote infrastructure monitoring
Web-based customer tailored solution aimed at remote monitoring of automation components controling a grid of solar power sets, incl. data and information related to the production sites. Solution is based on Zenoss Core extended with custom software pack allowing continuously monitor, evaluate status and alarms and provide diagnostic assumptions on the installed automation components and industrial equipment.
Industrial and IT protocols bridging
Customer tailored solution aimed at integration of industrial components within IT infrastructure. Solution is based on software protocol bridge allowing to communicate with thousands of Modbus(R) enabled devices via SNMP protocol, including advanced traps/notification management and failover management.
Project Proposals Management
Web-based application aimed at management of reviews of proposals for projects to be funded by one of the Czech governmental agencies. Information system provides the means to view project proposals, to author the reviews of grant proposals on-line, to monitor and manage the review process and support financial settlement (incl. generation of electronic payment orders). The system has been developed completely on an open source platform. It uses the JaveEE5 compliant application server Glassfish and the database management system PostgreSQL. The graphical user interface has a form of thin client and has been developed using the JSF 1.0 specification and open source IceFaces web framework. The application is deployed on a virtual server (VMWare virtualization), continuously monitored, maintained, mirrored and hotline supported.
Heatpump Online Control
Mobile apps for iOS (iPhone/iPAD) and Android phones and tablets. Allows remotely monitor and manage heatpumps connected via internet to Neoware monitoring servers.
ApproachGolf is an application for personal golf statistics, runing on Apple Mac OS X. Communicates with Garmin Approach GPS handhelds. Since the release in May 2014 the application succeed to be ranked in Apple AppStore as #1 Sport application in 12 countries.