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IT Services

Neoware IT Services

Neoware s.r.o. provides comprehensive analyses, consulting services and complete implementation of enterprise IT software infrastructure, primarily based on widely-used open-source applications. A large variety of open-source software provides all benefits of multitier architecture with almost zero purchase price of licenses. Its flexibility, stability and usage freedom has made such implementation an enterprise standard for creating reliable IT infrastructure of almost any business sizes.

Neoware s.r.o. makes use of many highly prestigious open-source software applications to implement customer IT infrastructure solutions, such as

  • Linux as a primary server operating system
  • Apache – world’s best HTTP server
  • Tomcat – Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages application server
  • GlassFish – application server for the Java EE platform, a derivative of Apache Tomcat as the servlet container for serving Web content, with an added component for scalability and speed.
  • Postfix – the best Open Source mail transfer agent (MTA), that routes and delivers electronic mail (a fast, easier-to-administer, and secure alternative to the widely-used Sendmail MTA)
  • PHP, Python, Perl – scripting languages for creating comprehensive web applications and to produce dynamic web pages, available as a processor for most modern web servers and as a standalone interpreter on most operating systems and computing platforms
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL – powerful, open source, object-relational database systems with proven architecture that recognized and awarded for reliability, data integrity, and correctness
  • Various virtualization technologies (such as OpenVZ) for creation of multiple secure, isolated containers on a single physical server, performing like a stand-alone server and enabling better server utilization
  • OpenVPN for a secure company network remote access and to protect a private network traffic for multisite companies.
  • Zenoss Core open source software for monitoring applications, networks, servers and much more.

IT Infrastructure

Neoware’s company IT infrastructure solutions cover a large variety of standard and advanced services, such as

  • Provision of solutions securing your company’s appliances and network, including firewalls and VPN access, remote management and services administration
  • Provision of solutions for monitoring and management of your company’s IT appliances and network infrastructure, including servers, workstations, VPN concentrators, gateways, applications and software systems
  • Provision of application hosting of implemented solutions, including application virtualization, monitoring and support
  • Provision of hosting services for customers’ websites and e-mails with @your-domain (2nd level domain) option and various range and levels of related services
  • Provision of solutions for company’s documents and workflow management using various content management systems
We are aware of enterprise core business processes importance and thus provide a possibility to help you with your IT infrastructure demands.

Proposed technical solution for the target project implementation will be built on proven high class open source software that is being used on millions sites and servers of any range and high availability demands.

The application will be hosted on systems running in professional, controlled and managed infrastructure, monitored 24×7, with 100 Mbps internet connectivity. The reliability and SLA will be ensured using data backup and server backup with data replication and the SLA level negotiable up to 99.9%.